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Women's and junior recycled shirts made in U.S.A.

Recycled cotton and recycled soda bottle fibers meet, date, and decide to get serious...result? Our rather complete line of women's recycled shirts--Made in U.S.A. on a custom-order basis only. We do not stock these styles but can make them to order. Availability based on current color fabrics we are running and sewing; any of dozens of standard colors and custom styles available with orders of 100 dozen shirts (1200 shirts).

We are able to print any type of design on to these shirts; we use low-VOC inks, with water-based inks, transfers, embroidery, foil and direct print available.

Combine American craftsmanship and design with the greenest blend you can find in a fabric. You may ask, "How can a shirt made of recycled soda and/or water bottle fibers be soft and breathable?" We may answer, "Simple...plastic soda and water bottles have the same chemical composition as polyester! Once again, Yankee ingenuity at work. The poly makes the recycled fabric breathe better, use less energy to dry, and of course, reduces greenhouse gases by its very existence." You may respond, "Oh, so the stuff that would go to the landfill and waste resources goes back into this cool clothing?" Our final answer, "Yes."

Just click on the images for more info. Click here if you want more info, to order or if you have any questions.

Women's 100% recycled t-shirt


Women's 100% recycled cap-sleeve shirt


Women's 100% recycled sleeveless shirt


Women's 100% recycled 3/4 sleeve raglan


    Women's 100% recycled scoop neck shirt


Women's 100% recycled gathered sleeve v-neck



Women's 100% recycled ribbed 1/2 sleeve v-neck


Women's 100% recycled cotton t-shirt


Women's 75% recycled cotton

long-sleeve t-shirt


Women's 100% recycled deep v-neck hoodie