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Powerstick: charge your phone, camera, ipod greenly

POWERSTICK: charge your electronics and save energy,
reduce charger use!

Just plug into your usb port and it will charge...then plug into your unit!
Available with your custom imprint in quantities as low as you need! netflix_powerstick.jpg

Charge via USB

Charge your device

Just charge the Powerstick in any USB port and take it with you on the go; its compact size fits virtually anywhere. When the battery of your device runs low, connect it to the Powerstick using the appropriate connector, and press the button to start charging. You can use your device immediately, and it will be completely recharged in less than 90 minutes. The Powerstick doubles the battery life of most devices. Becoming truly mobile has never been easier.


Did you know that more than a billion chargers are sold globally each year? Cellphone chargers alone, sold annualy, placed end to end could wrap around our planet over 18 times. Or that traditional wall chargers use power when they are plugged into the socket but have finished charging your mobile device
The Powerstick is built on the foundation that the way to help the planet is by being a whole lot smarter with resources and technology. This is an energy efficient charger that takes nothing for granted.

  • One Powerstick charges all your devices, reducing the need for more than one charger.
  • The device will outlast most devices with a 1000+ cycle lifespan.
  • Our system controls energy flow to your device, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Once the Powerstick is 100% charged, it ceases to consume energy from the USB port.
  • The automatic sleep mode feature saves energy when the device is not in use.