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Music recorded at solar-powered studios/green musicians

This is just for fun--and to highlight real-world actions we respect. Actions that show a commitment to living with more environmental responsibiity and eco-imagination. Enjoy.




This laid-back Hawaiian-living artist not only sings the talk but walks the walk. Per MTV:

A big proponent of environmental protection, Johnson recorded "To The Sea" at the Mango Tree Studio in Hawaii and Solar Powered Plastic Plant in L.A. using 100 percent solar power. Plus, the album packaging uses FSC-certified recycled papers.

You can listen to more free green sounds of JJ here.




These offbeat but planet-loving oddballs create memorable pop/rock using solar power. Cake records completely off the grid at their solar-paneled Sacramento studio. Kudos, Cake! Listen to crumbs of the Cake here.




Neil may be searching for a heart of gold, but found love with his "Lincvolt" electric car.

From Boing-Boing: "The songs on the album are an emotional response to the current social and ecological questions facing the world’s population. Young has been an activist his entire career, and over the past few years has become involved in developing different fuel possibilities. Along with Johnathan Goodwin, their LINCVOLT project using alternative energy to power Young’s 1959 Lincoln Continental is now finished."




Juicy, high-energy rock-and-roll. And they love mother earth. What's not to like?

"We are not saving the world," Stockdale said of Wolfmother's contribution.

"But we recycle on the bus, I turn off the lights, I have a diesel car and at home, with my girlfriend and daughter, we ride our bikes around as much possible."

He rejects claims that smashed guitars, sacrificed in the name of rock'n'roll, contribute to landfill. "Firstly, I don't smash my guitars. I throw them in the air, but I always catch them. And any guitar that is damaged has been repaired with wood glue and is back on the rack."

Howl with the Wolfmother free, here.