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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Trump: What you need to know - CNET
The world's largest social network is at the center of an international scandal involving voter data, the 2016 US presidential election and Brexit.

Facebook security chief reportedly planning to leave company - CNET
Alex Stamos says he's "still fully engaged" with his work at Facebook, though his role has changed. Questions about Stamos come as Facebook deals with a privacy flap linked to Cambridge Analytica.

TSA searches inflatable pink flamingo for weapons - CNET
What the flock? This airport security employee had to put his foot down: Floatie birds need to be scanned, even if they're not flying anywhere.

UK authorities seek warrant for Cambridge Analytica offices - CNET
Data analytics firm is at the center of a scandal over its misuse of Facebook data during the 2016 US election.

Turn your own face into a $55 life-size lollipop - CNET
Suck face! This weirdly egotistical sucker, called "Face Licker," is much sweeter than a selfie. And way more disturbing.

Happy 90th, Mister Rogers! Twitch to stream all 856 episodes - CNET
Won't you be his neighbor? Tune in this week to revisit the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. BYO cardigan.

You can download PUBG for iOS and Android right now -- for free - CNET
Chicken dinner to go.

Facebook suspends whistleblower's account after report - CNET
Facebook says the suspension is due to reports Christopher Wylie's former employer allegedly held onto 50 million Facebook profiles' worth of information.

Facebook hires digital forensics firm for Cambridge Analytica audit - CNET
The social network is launching an investigation into a scandal involving misused data by a consultancy used by the Trump campaign.

Spock's 'Star Trek III' ear tips can be yours - CNET
Leonard Nimoy's pointy Spock ears from "Star Trek III" warped onto an online auction site and could end up in a Trekkie's hands.

Google will let you play Android games before downloading them - CNET
Google Play Instant is part of a redesign of the Google Play Games app.

Stephen Hawking's final paper could be worthy of Nobel Prize - CNET
The award eluded the late theoretical physicist, but his last paper on alternate universes could be a game-changer. There is a catch though.

Google makes it easier to buy what you search for - CNET
Instead of shopping on Amazon, the tech giant wants you to make purchases from partners like Costco, Target and Walmart.

Ataribox now Atari VCS, preorders start in April - CNET
At GDC 2018 his week, Atari will display its long-awaited and freshly branded retro console.

Study: Tiny percent of Reddit communities spark majority of conflicts - CNET
Stanford researchers reveal how tribalism and infighting ignite the “front page of the internet.”

President Trump bans the use of Venezuelan cryptocurrencies - CNET
Americans won't be able to buy or trade the oil-backed digital currency called the Petro.

God of War gives Kratos his greatest challenge yet - CNET
The new PlayStation 4 game made me initially skeptical, but after previewing it I'm ready to board the hype train.

Fatal Uber crash in Arizona is autonomy's Apollo 1 moment - Roadshow
Commentary: Whether we'll get to the moon or not depends on how this is handled.

For Facebook, political pressure mounts on Mark Zuckerberg - CNET
The Cambridge Analytica scandal involving the misused data of 50 million people has led to increased calls for Facebook’s CEO to testify before Congress.

Uber halts self-driving cars after first pedestrian fatality - Roadshow
The ride-hailing company suspends its self-driving operations in the US and Canada after a woman is killed by an autonomous vehicle in Tempe, Arizona.

Cambridge Analytica caught on video bragging about lying, dirty tricks - CNET
The consultancy firm, in hot water over its misuse of Facebook data, told UK's Channel 4 that it was willing to go beyond using data to hurt a candidate.

35 weird objects seen on Mars, explained - CNET
From a cannonball to a jelly doughnut and dragon scales, entertaining images from Mars amuse scientists and excite conspiracy theorists and alien fans.

Microsoft plans more vision accessibility features in Windows 10 - CNET
The company has made improvements to its Narrator app and eye control capabilities.

Magic Leap's $2.3B secrets may start to spill this week - CNET
Developers now have access to the company's secretive tech -- and they'll probably spill the beans.

Cadillac set to put super-sexy Escala concept into production in 2021 - Roadshow
GM's luxury brand will launch its new CT6-based flagship as a potential competitor for top-tier rides from Germany and Sweden.