pens made with recycled cellphones, recycled cds and recycled battery cases

Quantity Jimnie retractable pen Clip-on retractable pen Sarasa retractable gel pen Jimnie mechanical pencil Zebrite double-ended highlighter
500 1.88 3.95 2.24 1.88 1.88
1,000 1.78 3.84 2.13 1.78 1.78
2,500 1.72 3.78 2.06 1.72 1.72
5,000 1.44 3.20 1.74 1.44 1.44
Price includes one-color imprint. Each additional color, add per pen .07 .07 .07   .07   .07
Set-up charge for one-color print 75.00 75.00 75.00 75.00 75.00
Set-up charge for ea. add'l. color print 55.00 55.00 55.00 55.00 55.00
 IMPRINT COLORS: (Pantone color matching is available at $25 per match.) A wide variety of standard colors are avaiblabe.
ACCEPTABLE ARTWORK FORMATS: We use vector graphics files for the printing process.  Artwork is typically stored on a computer in either vector graphics or raster graphics format.  While raster graphics are ideal for display on a computer monitor, they look rough and pixilated when printed.  Vector graphics offer the cleanest, crispest version of the artwork for printing processes. Files created by drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .ai) will be in vector graphics format and are ideal, whereas bitmaps (.bmp) and j-pegs (.jpg) are not.  We are happy to review any artwork to see if it can work with our process.  We are unable to use powerpoint files.        

 Questions? Artwork? Simply e-mail your question and design to us.

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