Recycled Lanyards
 from Plastic Soda Bottles

I Used to Be a Soda Bottle!

Our extremely popular recycled lanyards come in two varieties: screen-printed (one color of printing only) and heat-transfer (up to six colors of printing.) Here is how to decide which is for you:


Identify your employees, team members and conference attendees as people who care about our planet with recycled lanyards.  

Our custom-printed lanyards made of 100% recycled plastic soda bottles! Amazing!

Softly woven and imprinted--logos are no problem. Colors: ditto. Have your people call my people—let’s do a meeting.  

Order screen printed lanyards for one-color imprints, and our heat-transfer lanyards for:

  • Sharper detail 

  • Multiple color imprint--up to six colors!

  • Softer, smoother finish on lanyard surface 

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SHORT RUNS (100-1,999): One color of imprint 12" either side of clip, as shown below.

  • Order as few as 100 lanyards, screen charge only $35 in lower quantities.
  • Faster delivery--turnaround in a week
  • More cottony feel
  • One color printing on white only; not great for detailed art
  •  (We must use an automated process for 2,000 pieces and up, and the screen is $125 at that point... ), and they can be printed in a repeating pattern on both sides, and looks like this--note the all-over print:

    3/4" wide 100% recycled PET lanyard

  • Screen charge: $35 on quantities up to 1,000 - $125 for quantities over 1, 000
  • Style # Description 100 300 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 41,000+
    Lany1-screened 3/8" wide 1.97 1.58 1.40 1.25 .95 .95 .83 .71 .66
    Lany2-screened 3/4" wide 2.23 1.78 1.64 1.55 1.13 1.03 .88 .82 .71
  • 500 piece minimum
  • Much greater detail possible in printing
  • Production time typically 3 weeks
  • Can make lanyard any solid color (black, blue, red, green, you name it)
  • Up to six colors of printing
  • Smooth finish, no fibers evident on surface100% recycled soda bottle lanyards 3/4" wide with heat transfer imprint

HEAT TRANSFER LANYARD,  (1-2 colors of imprint, covering both sides)
Style # Descr. 100 300 500 1.000 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 41,000+
Lany1-S 3/8" W n/a n/a .98 .93 .84 .68 .63 .59 .54
Lany2-S 3/4", 5/8", 3/4" W n/a n/a 1.05 1.00 .91 .80 .76 .72 .67
Lany3-S 1" W n/a n/a 1.26 1.21 1.07 .91 .86 .82 .77

Add .15 each for 3-4 colors

Set-up charge per side, per design: $110

STANDARD ATTACHMENTS: metal j-hook or split ring

Nickel-plated o-ring and optional bulldog clip shown above.  Bulldog swivel clip add .07; lobster claw add .12; add split ring on j-hook .07; slider on bead add .12; vinyl badge holder attached .14; black plastic j-hook or bulldog clip .18

Prices do not include shipping, applicable taxes or overruns.

Simply recycling your plastic beverage bottles

 make products like these possible.